Projects successfully commissioned for co-generation power plants

  1. Project - 8MW Co-gen power plant at Mohol Dist.Solapur

    Client - Loknete Baburao Patil Sahakari Sahakari Karkhana
    Size and Main specs of PWS - Partial BOP comprising of CT / WTP / Piping / Pumping / Auxiliaries / fabrication/material handling sytem and interface piping.
  2. Project - 30 MW WHR power plant at Amona Goa India

    Client - Goa Energy Pvt. Ltd. A Videocon Group Company
    Size and Main specs of PWS - Partial BOP, WT / CT / Pumping / Piping / auxiliaries / electricals, and 120 Meter head 2.5 Km sea water intake system with remote control fire fighting system control, and structural fabrication and tankages
  3. Project - 43 MW Co-gen power plant at Sankeshwar, Dist. Belgaum, Karnataka

    Client - Hiranyakeshi SSK Niyanmit (Sugar Mill), Sankeshwar
    Size and Main specs of PWS - Partial BOP comprising of CT/WTP / Piping / Pumping /Auxiliaries / fabrication / material handling system and interface piping and civil works for BOP
  4. Project - 30 mw cogeneration plant at DRK Panchganga SSK Ltd. (Sugar Mill)

    Client - Shree Renuka Energy Ltd. A Renuka Sugar Group Co.
    Size and Main specs of PWS - Complete EPC for balance of plant comprising of wooden cooling tower, DM / RO UF and pre-treatment plant / air-conditioning and ventilation / fire-fighting system/compressed air system, bagasse handling system, coal handling system, structural fabrication, piping, pumping, auxiliaries, tankages and entire BOP electricals.
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