Projects successfully commissioned for co-generation power plants

  1. Project -

    Client - ISMT Ltd., Chandrapur
    Size and Main specs of PWS - 40 MW Thermal Power Plant. BOP comprising of WTP / CT / auxiliaries, Compressed Air System, entire Electrical for BoP, Fuel Handling System, Fire Fighting System, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, EOT Crane 40/5 MT ,Water Storage and Treatment ,Effluent Treatment Plant and Entire Civil Work for the CPP.
  2. Project -

    Client - Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil SSK Ltd, Akluj
    Size and Main specs of PWS - 33 MW Partial BoP, Cooling Tower System.
  3. Project -

    Client - Shree Doodhganga Vedganga SSK Ltd, Bidri
    Size and Main specs of PWS20 MW Co-gen Plant. Partial BoP ,Cooling Tower System and civil Work
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