Sugar Projects

  1. The group had invested, operated and managed a 2500-3000 TCD sugar mill Cane Agro Energy India Ltd. Till 2010 (The group is not involved with the mill anymore). The group had designed a complete backward integration scheme for 15000 acres of land by incorporating automated drip irrigation scheme. The water source was from MKVDC Tembhu Lift Scheme.
  2. Designed, engineered and structured project for Kasankha Sugar & Allied (Malawi) for a 2000TCD Sugar Mill, 5MW Co-Gen Power Plant and 30KLPD Distillery. Sought funding for USD 100 million from EXIM Bank of India. Awaiting clearance from Govt. of Malawi for Sovereign Guarantee.
  3. MoU with Nusantara Halid Enterprise(Indonesia) to setup an integrated Sugar, 7500TCD, 2X25MW Co-gen Plant and 80 KLPD Distillery near Makassar in Southern Sulavesi.
  4. The group has signed a MoU to promote a 7500TCD Sugar mill, 29 MW Co-Gen Plant, with a 60KLPD Distillery in Maharashtra . The proposed plant is coming up at a distance of 200 km from Pune in the name & style of The Sugarcane & Allied Industries Ltd. The land has been acquired patially and firther acquisition is in process . The IEM/ License has been obtained and financial closure/syndication is in process.