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Taurus Infoworld Pvt. Ltd.

Taurus Infoworld Pvt. Ltd. is an Ogale Group company in strategic alliance with US based GRID2020 to promote and deploy the patented Broadband over Power Lines technology in South-East Asia.

Taurus Infoworld’s charter: To become system integrators for rendering internet based services via Broadband over Power Lines or Ethernet over Co-Ax and provide a bouquet of services including Broadband Connectivity, Surveillance via CCTV, Telephone lines on request.

Broadband over Power Lines technology allows delivery of broadband to the last mile where reach out is not feasible for the major ISP’s or are the Technically Non-Feasible areas or in crowded areas where running on existing infrastructure becomes a necessity.

The user based classification of this technology and the target customer base is:
  1. Internet Service Providers like MTNL, BSNL, Idea, Airtel, etc.:
    For increasing their customer base and faster deployment of services to customers using our last mile solution.
  2. State Utilities:
    For dploying Access BPL for rural, hilly areas where existing electrical infrastructure is already existing.
  3. Private Utilities and Private Distribution companies:
    For increasing their customer base and for Private utilities who are willing to provide ISP services.
  4. Police and Security Forces:
    For deploying CCTV cameras on the existing electrical infrastructure and for covering large areas for surveillance without the use of fiber optic cables.
  5. Builders, Residential Societies, New societies :
    For providing broadband/bouquet services to all the high rise buildings with faster deployment and instant connectivity.
  6. Commercial Complexes, Banks:
    For higher bandwidth distribution since the capability of our equipment is to deliver 200 Mbps of data for a 1:1 connection which is a limitation in the current last mile delivery options like ADSL.
  7. Hotels, Resorts, 5 star hotels:
    Where the hotels do not want to do any modifications like laying of cables, drilling, etc. within their premises but want to give smart solutions to their guests.
  8. Hospitals:
    For obtaining stable and better connectivity in operation theatre’s, rooms, etc.
  9. Malls and Multiplex’s:
    For creating dedicated Hot Spots, Wi-Fi zones in specific areas, Gaming Zones, etc.
  10. Educational Institutes:
    Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, etc.: For providing broadband services and Wi-Fi zones in libraries, laboratories, offices, common rooms, and every corner of the institution.
  11. Hostels:
    Medical College Hostels, Engineering Colleges Hostels, etc.: So that the universities, colleges can recover their current broadband expenses by giving these services to the students and empowering them between the non- functional hours of the colleges, universities so that broadband would be made available to every room.

We are specialized in providing broadband services, creating dedicated localized Wi-Fi zones, hotspot zones deploying security services in the above mentioned areas by carrying the bandwidth on the electrical infrastructure.
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